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Programs/Services Offered


A.  Administrative 

B.  Legal Assistance    

   B.1.  Litigations - follow court procedure and schedules 

   B.2.  Titling  - follow court procedure and schedules

   B.3.  Legal Opinions - Render opinion within five (5) Working days from submission 

C.  Investigatory Procedure 

   C.1.  Employee Discipline  

   C.1.a. Complaint Received      

   C.1.b. Notice to explain to respondent 

   C.1.c. Submission of Sworn Explanation or Counter-Affidavit within 48 hours 

   C.1.d.  Determination if there is Prima facie evidence to proceed investigation; 

   C.1.e. If no evidence, recommend for dismissal 

   C.1.f. If there is evidence proceed to formal     Charge; 

   C.1.g. Directive to file sworn answer or Counter-Affidavit and other evidence; 

   C.1.h. Conduct Investigation 

   C.1.i. Submission of report and recommendation to the Mayor; 

   C.1.j. Decision of the Mayor                 

   C.2.  conflict resolutions - Case to case basis

D.  Supportive Role

   D.1.  Ordinances drafting - Review the Draft Ordinance and Render opinion within five (5) working days 

   D. 2. Tax Collections -  follow court procedure

E.  Human Rights Advocacy

   E. 1 Basic Human Rights and rights of women and Children - Immediate render legal advice to victims and concerned parties